Kids - children’s portraits

We too are parents and that, let’s face it, is a good starting point to handle  children and newborn photography.

There’s nothing better than professional photos to capture beautiful moments of your kids childhood, birthdays, or baptisms and holy communions: this is why many families come to our studio in Prato, while those from Florence, Pisa, Pistoia, Lucca or Siena – namely from all over Tuscany – come to know about us by word of mouth and then call us at their houses and events, to capture their best kodak moments.

In our job, children’s portraits are one of the most complex aspects but also among the richest in gratification. We will turn the whole photo shooting into an amusing game for your child, while we act very discreetly with newborns.

Not everyone feels at ease in front of a camera: this is why we try to put everyone at ease, for family portraits or for all kinds of photo-shoots, directing them naturally, so that embarassment will leave room for confidence, along with the pleasure of posing for spontaneous pictures full of emotions.

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